Kisii University Balance

Kisii University Balance

Kisii University Balance,

Kisii University is a fast-growing university in all aspects most importantly the population of students enrolling every year. With the large population in the university, it is evident that the students are vulnerable to experience long queues while seeking to know their financial statements. Kisii University fee balance checking is now a settled problem even with surging enrollment rates. The university’s online portal has also made it possible for the institution to implement accessibility of other core services at the institution, including the ability of the existing students to check their fee balance.

Kisii University has implemented secure systems with an inspiration to curb congestion at the finance office in the university. Most of these developments have made it possible to access not only the current financial balance but also the entire financial statement. Similarly, students are now able to access their financial information regardless of their location and time as opposed to the finance office which opens at 8:00 in the morning and closes at 5:00 in the evening only during school days.

Firstly, make sure you register your email with the university to become eligible for a student’s account then follow the lead below to access your financial details.

  • Sign up for a student account with Kisii University through the varsity portal.
  • If you have problems at this stage, liaise with the ICT department to help you obtain an account securely.
  • Sign in to your university student account using your student identification details.
  • Open a secure browser on your phone, tablet, or personal computer.
  • Navigate the URL section in your browser then enter
  • On the homepage, navigate and open “fee balance online”.
  • The link will then re-direct you to for further authentication and login.
  • Log in using your student registration number and student identification number.
  • Provide the password as kuc/KUC then submit your login details.

The University has also created a platform through which students can check their fee status through Short Messaging System (SMS). The system is currently being tested and the students are encouraged to use this service and give their feedback on the performance to or 0722897207.

Using any Mobile Network operator, Enter correct format of message, KSU ADMINNO to 20750. eg. KSU EP12/30002/13 send to 20750